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trategic Results Marketing (SRM) opened in Arizona in 1999 as an expert marketing agency specializing in entrepreneurial strategizing and planning for both online and offline marketing efforts. SRM has managed the marketing efforts for its clients with a customized approach to marketing, not a “one size fits all” approach. We believe that marketing can and should be a unique package of strategies and tactics that support the client’s goals, business model, and strengths. We have developed a unique approach to marketing that saves businesses time and money and get’s strategic results faster through the use of tools like the “One-Page Marketing & Profits Plan”, simplifying marketing for entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

In 2004, Strategic Results Marketing began working exclusively in online marketing services, focusing efforts on the analytics of what is working, what is trending and why. Headed by it’s founder, MaryPat Kavanagh known as the Queen of Marketing and the Queen of Connections, SRM became the go-to firm for relationship-building strategies both online and off.

At Strategic Results Marketing, we believe in a combined “relationship building” approach to marketing. Beginning with a strong relationship with Google and other search engines allows a business to be found by its prospects and other potential customers looking for services.

Strategic Results Marketing offers consulting, strategic planning and agency support for entrepreneurs and businesses interested in developing a stronger client-base and streamlining its marketing efforts while maintaining a human approach, with the intention of making more money.

We are a full-service marketing agency. Some of our services include:

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